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What is superscoring?

Superscoring allows a student to combine his or her highest subscores from separate test administrations to create the highest possible overall/composite score. 

Each test has its own policies, but in order to use a given section score, all scores from that administration will be sent to the school.

While score choice allows students to withhold select scores, an individual school may request that a student submit ALL scores. Georgetown is known for doing this.


The ACT offers true superscoring as a student can use the highest English, math, reading, and science section scores from up to 4 unique test administrations. The composite superscore is the average of the best section scores, rounded to the nearest whole number.


The SAT offers superscoring by side of the test. This means that a student can combine the highest evidence based reading and writing score with the highest math score from up to 2 unique test administrations. This means that it is not a true superscore as the student can NOT use a reading subscore from one test and a writing subscore from a different test. 

For more information about whether a given school accepts superscores, it is best to check the school's website as policies are subject to change and online lists may be outdated.

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