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Providing individual and small group instruction since 2015

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Higher scores through better understanding

We work with students to help them achieve their goals. To best address content and strategy, we tailor each session to the student/group by using analogies inspired by the interests and/or experiences of the students. This is a major point of distinction for CAPITAL Test Prep. Lots of classroom teachers and other tutors are often exclusively, or at least overly, academic when presenting material to students. Make no mistake - we're still serious about academics. However, we feel that personal connections and a bit of fun can go a long way. Students frequently remark that they wish the material had been presented this way originally. 

Online Education

In person or Online

The choice is yours

Our office is conveniently located in downtown Morristown, NJ - and there's even parking. 

For online sessions, we utilize a mix of Google meet, Jamboard, Notes, PencilSpaces, and FaceTime to facilitate our sessions.

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